Hey California,

As mentioned in the previous post, the weather has been a little gloomy with cloudy skies and random spring showers. But summer is right around the corner, and I guarantee you that all its incessant sun and heat will make you look back on these days fondly.  Beach time and summer music festival will eventually be calling out your name, so you gotta get prepared.

Here’s a handy step by step photo guide on how to stay cool this summer, demonstrated by FIDLAR at a recent show in heat stricken Indio, CA.

They’ll be playing at the record release show for OFF!  @ The Whiskey on the 8th of May before traveling along the coast for a short Cali tour:

May 08 The Whisky w/ OFF! (Record Release Show) @Los Angeles, CA
May 11 Slim’s w/ OFF! @San Francisco, CA
May 12 Pioneer w/ Meat Market @Santa Crus, CA
May 15 Che Cafe w/ OFF! @San Diego, CA

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