Another photo update from Vans Surfer Leila Hurst in Boston with the Vans Girls crew. Second day of Boston Calling music fest & a little city exploration:

"Boston, day number 3! So so so many different, yet amazing things going on here! The weather was so much better today. We left the festival for a bit to get lunch & the girls and I got to meet up with friends from Boston who took us around the cute little area we are staying in. There were so many amazing street performers! I don’t see that on Kauai that’s for sure! We also got to see the ocean, which I want nothing to do with because it did not look inviting. Too cold! Right before dark we headed back over to watch Of Monsters and Men, which I loved! I think they won best performance in my eyes. Goodnight Boston! I have a busy day at the aquarium tomorrow! So excited!” -Leila

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