The first night of Burgerama buzzed with a flurry of energy and relief as garage-punk band, Bleached, skipped right off the stage, and into a huddle. Jess and Jen, the bad-ass sister duo that make up the band, collectively laugh and vent about a not-so-ideal amp situation that had the girls rolling their eyes at the pre-show surprise. After assuring each other the sound was fantastic, and the crowd was enthused, we began to walk to the parking lot backstage, and reminisce about the days of the backyard gigs, and where we first started following them and their prior band, Mika Miko.

Bleached is the type of band that makes you feel every bit as passionate about the lyrics, as the songstress writing them. Their heart-felt belts, and killer guitar riffs are soaked in inspiration and nostalgia of your first heartbreak, while leaving you jumping up-and-down, dancing to their catchy energetic tunes. We were beyond excited to catch up with the sisters after their show to see what makes them tick, and explore how they escaped the isolated Valley of Southern California.

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