The first night of Burgerama buzzed with a flurry of energy and relief as garage-punk band, Bleached, skipped right off the stage, and into a huddle. Jess and Jen, the bad-ass sister duo that make up the band, collectively laugh and vent about a not-so-ideal amp situation that had the girls rolling their eyes at the pre-show surprise. After assuring each other the sound was fantastic, and the crowd was enthused, we began to walk to the parking lot backstage, and reminisce about the days of the backyard gigs, and where we first started following them and their prior band, Mika Miko.

Bleached is the type of band that makes you feel every bit as passionate about the lyrics, as the songstress writing them. Their heart-felt belts, and killer guitar riffs are soaked in inspiration and nostalgia of your first heartbreak, while leaving you jumping up-and-down, dancing to their catchy energetic tunes. We were beyond excited to catch up with the sisters after their show to see what makes them tick, and explore how they escaped the isolated Valley of Southern California.

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The twin brothers of The Garden were a two-man act but certainly sounded like a whole stage full of crazy grunge beats and kinky drum fills. The unique drummer/guitar duo shouted out names of songs and instantly began shredding for the crowd. In between tracks like “The Apple,” the drummer would stand up on his seat, do a little dance of his own, and immediately get back to playing as if the dance break never happened. All eyes were on The Garden as curious concert-goers witnessed a memorable performance from the new-comers. 

Photos: Grant Hatfield


If you were in the crowd for Black Lips, chances are you were having a hard time moving as the band easily packed the sold out show as the headliners of Saturday’s lineup. Moshing and crowd surfing was at an all-time high and while singing what seemed to be the anthem of the Burgerama festival itself, “Bad Kids,” the crowd could be heard over the band for sure. Their performance was the perfect ending to a day full of rock and roll. 

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens


With no warning, Cosmonauts rolled right on into their mesmerizing set of trance-filled tunes like “What Me Worry” off their Persona Non Grata album. Moving all around the stage, their energy was almost the complete opposite of the laid back music they were putting out, creating a fun atmosphere for the crowd.

Photos: Grant Hatfield 


Sleep captivated the Observatory with their 90’s metal rock and it was much appreciated by all the metal heads in the audience. The San Jose band needed no introduction as they walked onto the stage, taking their time setting up as the crowd chanted their name in excited anticipation. Starting off with solid instrumentals, the crowd was loving every minute of the “stoner metal” sound Sleep is so famous for, and so was the band. 

Photos: Grant Hatfield


The LA rockers got the night started as the sun went down and fans filled the lot to get a glimpse of Together Pangea at Burgerama this Sunday. The band surely delivered with a raw and edgy set that pleased the crowd playing favorites like “Badillac” and “The Offer.” These dudes know how to rock and make it sound as fun as it looks every time. 

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens


Kool Keith and friends had the whole Observatory packed as well as the stage itself! Wearing a Viking hat and sunglasses indoors, the Bronx MC wowed the audience with rap after rap flowing perfectly without a hiccup and letting his friends get in on some freestyle fun as well. Kool Keith was definitely one of the most entertaining acts of the day and everyone was digging the old school throwbacks. 

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens


Tomorrows Tulips, fronted by Vans Surf’s very own Alex Knost, enticed the crowd with their unique stage set-up complete with two large televisions projecting footage of the crowd and the band as they were performing. It didn’t take long to get the crowd head-banging along to songs off their albums Experimental Jelly and Eternally Teenage, giving listeners a groovy jam session of authentic beachy grunge rock. 

Photos: Grant Hatfield


With the most artistic and colorful performance of the night, Fidlar earned their spot as the Sunday headliner for Burgerama. With large-headed characters on either side of the band, the fog rolled out as the music built up and Fidlar unleashed its sound onto the OC crowd. From beginning to end, the audience never stopped moving as the Frida Kahlo and wizard-like characters fist-pumped behind them. Just when everyone thought it was over, they came back with an encore of “Cheap Beer” and finished off the night just right. 

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens


As the sun disappeared from the Burgerama grounds, psych rock band The Growlers were prepared to get the crowd rowdy with the first 60 minute set of the night. The set was packed with their own hits as well as a Violent Femmes cover of “Add It Up” that drove the crowd into an even wilder state of combination moshing, crowdsurfing, dancing… and I’m pretty sure I saw a few young tears. All the commotion led some fans to take refuge at the food trucks across the lot, but that’s what a rock and roll show’s all about, right? 

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens


The happy-go-lucky Canadian performed a carefree set and for a moment it seemed like we were all his best friends. The humble rocker transitioned back and forth from guitar to keyboard playing classics like “Freaking Out the Neighborhood” and new tracks like “Passing Out Pieces.” In the crowd it was almost as entertaining to see the dance moves of die-hard fans letting loose while DeMarco told silly jokes and managed to earn his place in the hearts of adoring fans and newcomers alike.

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens