Just got my film back from this weekend at Coachella, so here’s my last few photos! Me, Kathy, and Brianna had a blast hanging out all weekend and checking out some of our favorite bands. Stay tuned for Kathy’s photos this week too! -amanda

Looks like our bartering boys in the campgrounds made it out just fine from their first Coachella experience. They closed out the end of night three by trading one of their last pairs of slip-ons to the paella stand dude, hanging with s man in an LED suit, and working their way into the photo pit to shoot Wu-Tang Clan. Way to go dudes. Catch up on all of Nick & Brian’s photos from the weekend if you missed out. They will see ya next year, Indio… We might let them stay in the house though. -amanda

Vans Skate’s Johnny Layton checks in for the last day of Coachella via iPhone. Here’s what he got into, super bummed I missed Ghost after seeing these photos. Looks epic. You can catch up on all the rest of his posts from this weekend now, too. -amanda

It’s so hard to say goodbye! I know festival life isn’t for everyone, but it’s always on Sunday when I realize how special it is to be immersed in this music culture. I lurked around the grounds to find people in their true element, lounging and raging all at once. I also took some time to ogle Kurt Vile from the front row. What a dreamboat. Note to self: never walk aimlessly into the DoLab, you will get hosed. -kathy 

It was so awesome being able to bargain with people and by the last day we had a bunch of shoes left so we started to find some fun but less essential things. We needed to decorate our tent area and at the Coachella Arts Studio we made a sweet trade for a banner to hang up! We got some more good food, and hit up this homemade slip-n-slide. Then these people didn’t believe us when we said we would trade shoes to get our camping neighbor to do a beer bong. Our rapping neighbor WordSm!th couldn’t hold it all together, it was classic. -brian

Coachella Day 3 was kind of a tough one for our crew. We got there in the late afternoon just in time for the winds to kick up and the start of what was going to turn into an insane dust storm by the time the WU Clan took the stage. I couldn’t even shoot really because so much dust was coating my lens between shots. So bummed on that! Here’s a few before the madness. It was such a great weekend overall, thanks as always Coachella. -amanda

There were so many good sets on Sunday. Running from stage to stage we were able to check out more of the art scattered throughout Coachella. Recyclasaurus Rex stalked the terrace as we made our way to the Yuma tent. You can thank Johny Amerika for him. We also spotted a few more Project Inheritance x Coachella TRASHed bins. So cool! Lying under the Mirage (by Paul Clemente) and Empire of Love 333 (by Shrine) between sets on the big stages kept us cool but they had such a glow at night. The last piece, A Site for Dry Eyes (by Raices Cultura), greeted us at the exit as we wrapped up the weekend. Thanks for everything Coachella, see you next year. -duran

Saturday afternoon was pretty succesful for Brian & Nick in the campgrounds at Coachella.  Beers, eats, rides, and some dude that loves unicorns all traded for free Vans. Actually… I’m not sure if the unicorn dude had anything to trade but he just looks awesome. More from the campgrounds here. -amanda