I am not exaggerating one bit when I swear to you that Japandroids new-ish album, Celebration Rock, is one of my absolute favorites of the year. Okay, that sounds mildly dramatic, but It came out back in June and was the perfect thing to listen to at the end of a long day on Warped Tour while being thrashed to sleep by our bus driver who I was pretty sure tried to play a game by throwing me out of my third row bunk every night. They played an awesome set at Fun Fun Fun Fest Sunday afternoon, here are a few photos, and I think I spot a pair of black Lo Pros. Bonus points.

Valient Thorr took the stage pretty early in the day yesterday but that certainly didn’t slow down the crowd. The Texas sun was blasting on full but the energy was still high… and so were the beers. The beers were definitely airborn. PS. The dudes are giving away their track ‘Double Crossed’ for free on their site, so don’t miss it.

Everyone loves The Black Angels… or at least that’s the logic I’m going with because I can’t see a single reason that any person wouldn’t. Their show at Fun Fun Fun Fest this weekend in Austin was pretty near perfect. Sweet sounds, dreamy light shows, and a sitar… which I am kind of embarrassed that I just had to look up how to spell. PS. Australia, they are coming your way next for Harvest Festival. Jams all around.

About half a song in to Fucked Up's set at Fun Fun Fun Fest last night I found myself balancing my Sk8-Hi Platforms on top of the barricade and following Damian in camera first. Oops. Their set was probably the most hilarious and fun thing I’ve seen in quite a while. Back and forth over the barrier three times and 5 or 6 songs in I had to call shooting photos a day and join everyone dancing. Head tilts to the security guys too because they were super rad about it all and were simultaneously catching tons of crowdsurfers, feeding Damien extra mic cord, and pitching us photographers a helping hand getting back and forth. It was awesome.

While Nikki has been covering the last few days of our adventures here in Austin we high fived and I took over shooting the event for the third and final day. Growing up in Texas and living in LA now, I look forward to any reason to come back and this was definitely the best one. I love an excuse to eat tons of breakfast tacos & say the word y’all without everyone staring at me. Here’s some photos from the early scene at Fun Fun Fun, more coming up from my favorite sets of the day like Japandroids & The Black Angels. -Amanda

The Refused are one of my favorite bands to see live, so hoofing it over to their stage way before set time was a must. However, by the time I’d arrived at the entrance to the pit, there were already at least 50 people in front of me packed like sardines in the space the size of a college dorm bathroom. This is the part where being on the small side of stature becomes a blessing and a curse. I managed to crawl and squeeze in front of all of these people. Then security stopped letting people in. Then 200-300 additional people decided to join us in the aforementioned space the size of the tiny bathroom. I spent the entire set nestled in the armpit of an extremely large (and quite amicable for the circumstances) security guy. I think Dennis saw me smashed up like a dirty tissue over on the side stage and gave me one good shot (thanks, dude). Best show of the weekend by far.

Starfucker just finished their new album and are out on tour. I haven’t seen them play in a couple of years, and was thrilled to see what a huge following they’ve built. It was an incredibly dancey set. I got my jam. I was the chick in the photo pit shooting and singing super loud. After I’d bounced out of the pit and headed up to hang out on the scaffolding, I noticed their was a cop standing on the stage. “That’s odd,” I thought,”that cop has an incredibly large butt.” Turns out, he was a professional of another kind, where having a large butt would be much more of a bonus on the job than in law enforcement. The guy was a pro-stripper and was down to a banana-hammock, a hat, and a grin in five minutes. He as doing something uncalled for with someone in a panda suit. Yes, the second time in one day that I witnessed some strippin.’ What can I say? These folks hate clothes. 

I cruised around snapping sniper shots of people looking all golden-hour-sunset-purdy at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Texans know how to keep the dust out. There were tons of cowboy bandits were roaming around like it was time to hop on one of the 29,827,490 bikes chained up outside and stick up a bank in Laredo. Of course, the bandits would be led by the guy with the dookie chain.

Charli XCX didn’t make it to Fun Fun Fun Fest yesterday, but fortunately Franki Chan was able to take her spot. I don’t know who the dancers on stage were, but there was ass everywhere. I mean, those girls were all over the place. Not scared, like, “Hold up. Let me come on stage with a sparkly mask and a track suit, then I’ma strip-tease it off and throw it in the crowd. Now I can get down to business.” 

Are you kidding? This was a total blast. You talk about a group that’s still got it and ain’t about to lose it, that’s Run DMC. These guys even had the jaded photographers in the pit who have seen every band in creation bobbing their heads. That does not happen often. Fun Fun Fun Fest success.

Twin Sister, hailing from Long Island, NY are a new discovery for me. i’m super big on going to see any band I don’t know at festivals. I definitely wasn’t disappointed in their set. They’re definitely something sweet to stumble around in the dark listening to. I reckon why that’s why a ton of folks and I decided to do that very thing at Fun Fun Fun Fest

It’s my first time checking out Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest. Guess what? It’s fun. They like it. They want us to have it. Fine! I’ll have fun. I was a bit late getting to the fest yesterday and only got to check out a few bands. I was not about to miss X. Basically, I was running from my hotel knocking fools over left and right, guns blazing, and straight into the pit just in time to hear Exene Cervenka yell into the mic, “You know, Austin’s a nice town. You know where else is a nice town? Los Angeles!” The crowd goes wild. Hero timing. it ain’t a bad thing to let people skate & ride bikes on the ramp all night, either.