Gorilla Biscuit Shoes Now Online!

Our latest music-shoe collaborations are now available online! What better way to start the new year, aye? They are inspired by none other than the Gorilla Biscuits, and true to the Biscuit-lifestyle, both pairs are vegan. We have teamed up to make two equally rad pairs of shoes that you’ll go bananas over (see what I did there?).

First up is the nifty two-tone tan and orange SK8-Hi with two subtlety awesome details. The GB logo is embroidered on the back and the gorilla head logo is on the tongue. My highlights, though, have to go to the orange eyelets and pastel teal sole.

The second shoe in the collection is a Slip-On. These are my favorite- probably because I’m a sucker for gray shoes. I give props to the maroon stitching and, of course, the sea foam green sole. I’m going to put in a petition for more green-soled Vans. Who’s with me?!

Both just became available online at Vans.com, so get these puppies while you can!

Night 1 at SXSW

Last night was our first night in Austin for SXSW. Keeping in mind that I’ve never been before, I’m sticking close to everyone from Vans- espeically Kurt since we’re the music duo. Team Soto-Mink ftw!

We pick up all of our badges and caught up with our friends from Epitaph which is always a good time. Since the music section of SX didn’t start until the following day, I was surprised that we were already to some shows!

Our first was Motorhead. How’s that for an opening night? The place was packed and the show kicked ass. Of course.

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Afterward, Kurt and I spent the rest of the night at Red 7. Our friends True Widow were on the stage when we got there. Mike Herrera’s newest project Tumbledown played not too long after. Holy. Crap. So good! Oliver Peck even jumped on stage to sing a little.

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But after Tumbledown was when it got really crazy. Mike Herrera of MXPX, Zach Blair of Rise Against, Luke Abbey from Gorilla Biscuits, members from Riverboat Gamblers and Scott Renyolds of All banded together to play an entire Descendants cover set. Yes, you read that correctly. The crowd was gnarly! I got thrashed around a bit while taking some footage for you guys, but it’s all in the name of reporting, music and freaking punk rock. Enjoy!

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