Dust off your boomboxes, grab your skateboard and a poodle, and come take a tour with us through NY. Oh, you’re still at work? Well there’s all of the above and more in Brooklyn based Ninjasonik’s latest video for “Turned Up”, a track from their new EP No Swords or Masks. Seriously, you’ve been diligently working all day. You deserve a 4 minute vacation where you can check out this awesome video. 40s and cable car ride included.

No Swords or Masks, released March 6 via Decon, and can be purchased here.

CMJ Craziness

Yo, New York! Who’s hitting up CMJ this week? There’s a ton of awesome stuff going on - music, movies, panels, meet and greets - all that good stuff. The event starts today and runs straight through till Saturday. Our good friends in Ninjasonik are gonna be all over the place, so be sure to check ‘em out.

For schedules, badges, and more info, hit up the CMJ website at cmj.com/marathon.

Ninjasonik premiere new music video

Dive off the stage, I’m gonna dive off the stage. I’m gonna dive off the stage right into a mosh pit full of awesome. Maybe mosh pits weren’t made for dancing, but I think that’s just what I’m gonna do all up in this new Ninjasonik video. They just premiered their new video for “Moshpit on Spin.com today and it’s a dance party and a half. Check it out here! And if you haven’t downloaded the rest of Ninjasonik’s newest mixtape No Swords or Masks, check out our post here with a link on how to download it all (fo’ free!).

Jump in the moshpit, break yo’ neck. 

The Death Set Album Release Party

The Death Set will be having their record release party for their new album Michel Poiccard at the Music Hall of Williamsburg this Saturday 3/26! The line up features:

The Death Set
Hood Chef

10 lucky fans attending the show will win Vans/The Death Set/Mishka prize packs, including tees, shoes, and a copy of the new album.

One extra-lucky winner will also take home a custom etched limited edition The Death Set skate deck.

All fans in attendance (while supplies last) can snag this limited edition 18x22 show poster by artist Nick Egan.

Tickets are $10. Ages 16+ can go!

See you there!


"Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap" Handshake


Handshake pioneers The Death Set, Ninjasonik and Cerebral Ballzy are here to show you the latest in the handshake world: the Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap. It sounds complex (because it is) but fear not! SHAKE IT UP has made an easy to follow, step by step instructional video featuring the guys. Thanks to SHAKE IT UP, you and your friends can be up on the latest handshaking trends.

Catching up with Ninjasonik

The Ninjas were running the roads in CA doing some shows in the bay area & in LA a couple of weeks ago while also doing a bit of recording in the studio. Fortunately, their rad gal manager Felice packed them all in a car to the Vans office before they had to head back to Brooklyn. While she passed out on this bench-looking thing for a much needed nap, I chatted with Telli “Bathroomsexx” Gramz, Ben Robey and Roofeo from the infamous baller black ikea couch.

By the way, they got a fresh new site: Ninjasonik.com.

See them with The Death Set, Diplo & a buncha cool people for FREE at the Mad Decent Block Parties. The first one is in Philly on this Saturday July 31.

Ninjasonik at Spaceland

Last night I dropped into Spaceland in LA to catch up with Ninjasonik. They aren’t doing a big tour right now, but since they came out to record some new tracks they figured they’d give the west coast some love. As always, Teenwolf, Jah Jan & Bathroomsexxx did not disappoint. They were definitely on it & put on a great show. Any band that can throw a sample from the Lion King into the mix & instruct the crowd to wait for the build is cool with me. Plus Bathroomsexxx lead the audience in a few rounds of call & repeat after some people weren’t paying attention to the show, “I said f**ck your conversation! (audience) F**K YOUR CONVERSATION!” on repeat until aforementioned people were shamed to quiet. PBR tallboys abound. Kids were jumping around all over the place. Dance party time.


Guess what? It was dark and my photos suck. Sorry. Boohoo. Watch the video. Parting thought - Jah Jah’s wolf tail is real.

Gifting at SXSW

Check out who we caught up with when we did our massive gifting at SXSW:

Ninjasonik, Tumbledown, Hey Monday, The Cab, Zlam Dunk, Riverboat Gamblers, Rise Against, The Death Set, Shawn Fisher, Hill Valley, Conditions, Title Fight, Every Avenue and of course, Oliver Peck.

Remember that really bad MPFree’s joke I made?

I’m about to bring it up again because we have yet another rad track featuring some of our buddies mixed by DJ Teenwolf of Ninjasonik.


I seriously can’t remember the last time I wanted to get up and shake my stuff this much. If you are having a party or get together, all you need to do is let this baby play. I’m serious.

The song is called SEX DRUGZ N ALCOHOL and is a sweet danceable mix of:

Soundwavve feat. Ninjasonik - Sex Drugz And Alcohol
Buraka Som Sistema - IC19 (Toadally Krossed Out Remix)
Kidstreet - Penny Candy
The Death Set - Distressed (Bonde Do Role Remix)
DJ Teenwolf feat Zelda - Wassshup (demo)
Hasil Adkins - Chicken Walk (Dirty Finger Remix)
Scott Melker - Give It Up/Push The Feeling Blend
Roxy Cottontail - Double Dare (Woo Hoo Remix)
Michael Jackson - Workin Day & Night (Funktomas Regroove)
What? Cheer Brigade - Saiyan Re Saiyan
Ninjasonik - Bastardmore (Shimmy Shimmy Ya Remix)
The Death Set - Around The World (Karn Remix)
DJ Webstar - Dancing On Me (Morsy Remix)
James Nasty feat. Ninjasonik - I Wanna Fuck
Ninjasonik - Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant (Gumar’s Italo Magic Mix)
Hydroponic Sound System - Saturday Night Dread
Ludacris - Splash Waterfall
Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul
Mr. Andersonic - Doin Coke, Gettin High
Mikix The Cat - Freeze (Kanji Kinetic Remix)
Fully Fitted - It’s A New Day
Neil Young - Rockin In The Free World/Planet Rock (Teenwolf Blend)
Sanitgold vs Ninjasonik - L.E.S. Tight Pants
Rye Rye vs. Ninjasonik - Hardcore Art School Girls

The track is available to download for free! And as always, from a secure download site- we promise.

And in the instance you sadly missed my lame-o MPFree’s joke from my previous post about getting some free tunes, I suggest you get on that.

More free tunes?! You shouldn’t have!


Aw Ninjasonik, you are up to it again!

Our buddies have so gracefully given us an entire CD’s worth of remixes and other tracks. The mix-tape…err…mix-CD is called STRICTLY FOR MY HIPSTAZ and features tracks from our generous Brooklyn duo, remixes of their songs, their remixes of other songs and tunes from some rad artists. Grab the album here for free (we promise it is a safe download link) and don’t forget to share it with your friends…because it’ll be totally legal! They are like MPfree's!

Ok…that was a bad joke. But here’s the tracklist:

Duck Sauce - aNYway (Ninjasonik’s Boosted Hot Sauce Mix)
Udachi & Jubilee - Paypur (Ninjasonik Remix)
Major Lazer VS Ninjasonik - Pon De Floor vs Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant
Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (Ninjasonik Remix feat. Tasleems and MNDR)
Johnny Nelson & Ease Da Man - Watch Yo Girl
Theophilus London - Humdrum Town
Ninjasonik - She’s My Pharmacist
Q Lazarus - Goodbye Horses
Abstract Truth - (We Had) A Thing (Matty’s Body & Soul Remix)
Kenna - Say Goodbye To Love (Ninjasonik Remix)
Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor (Ninjasonik Remix)
AC Slater feat Ninjasonik - Take You
Ninjasonik & Kicks Like A Mule - It’s Ok (Extended Mix)
Mr. Starcity - Welcome To Starcity
Ninjasonik feat Ease Da Man - NOFUNFORUGLYGIRLS
Memberz Only - Fuck Outta Here
Johnny Nelson feat Ninjasonik - Put Em In A Bodybag