With the most artistic and colorful performance of the night, Fidlar earned their spot as the Sunday headliner for Burgerama. With large-headed characters on either side of the band, the fog rolled out as the music built up and Fidlar unleashed its sound onto the OC crowd. From beginning to end, the audience never stopped moving as the Frida Kahlo and wizard-like characters fist-pumped behind them. Just when everyone thought it was over, they came back with an encore of “Cheap Beer” and finished off the night just right. 

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens


As the sun disappeared from the Burgerama grounds, psych rock band The Growlers were prepared to get the crowd rowdy with the first 60 minute set of the night. The set was packed with their own hits as well as a Violent Femmes cover of “Add It Up” that drove the crowd into an even wilder state of combination moshing, crowdsurfing, dancing… and I’m pretty sure I saw a few young tears. All the commotion led some fans to take refuge at the food trucks across the lot, but that’s what a rock and roll show’s all about, right? 

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens


Hailing from the Belgian city of Antwerp, the boys of Mozes and the Firstborn instantly filled the Constellation Room with a warm fuzzy feeling that only good rock and roll can elicit. When they weren’t making funny faces towards the crowd, they were earning the crowd’s smiles and cheers with songs like “Bloodsucker” and “I Got Skills” accompanied by amazing drum solos. By the middle of the set, everyone was singing along and it was apparent the garage rockers won Santa Ana’s heart over. 

Photos: Grant Hatfield


Unfazed by the recurring teens running onstage to get a quick stage dive in and the huge crowd of VIPs getting down behind them, Allah-Las held their own and gave a solid performance at Burgerama III this past Sunday. “Catamaran” was certainly a crowd favorite and the whole band performed effortlessly together with their psychedelic garage rock hits. 

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens


Cherry Glazerr turned up the vibe with an edgy set at Burgerama on Saturday. Even though they had an early slot, donned in their sunglasses, they started off the gig strong with their spooky jam, “Trick or Treat Dancefloor.” Frontwoman Clementine Creevy’s vocals are just the right amount of raspy to make heads turn from all across the outdoor festival grounds. The tracks were aggressive and haunting all at once, doing the punk-goers and indie fans alike proud.

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens

Our friends at Burger Records threw their third annual music festival in Orange County, CA over the weekend. We hit up one of our favorite venues, with some of our favorite human beings for a really great lineup both Saturday & Sunday. Stay tuned for tons of photos from Burgerama III. Plus, watch our #livingoffthewall documentary episode about the Burger guys and how they got their start at

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens


Long Beach’s Tijuana Panthers got the crowd riled up for their second Burgerama performance this Saturday, wasting no time jumping into their grungy garage rock set that was perfect for the somewhat-chilly OC crowd. Playing hits off of their 2013 album Semi-Sweet, they had no problem making themselves known to the crowd with all three members, Chad, Phil, and Dan, vibing off each other to make a killer performance. 

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens


The members of Froth give you a scenic tour of Echo Park in their video for their surfer grunge single, “Lost My Mind.” The guys have been seen rocking out all over Southern California so far this year with great hooks and their precious omniphone, on their way to hitting the Burgerama stage this Sunday.

Burgerama III - Day 2