If you like Wavves, then you’ve probably gone head to head with the “Weed Demon”, the final boss in a new video game appropriately titled … well …  “Weed Demon”. Brought to you by the mind of Wavve’s frontman Nathan Williams and in collaboration with Vice and Mishka, the game is a hybrid of Paperboy, Mishka inspired monsters, an 8 bit version of “So Bored”, half-baked cats, and all things green. Sounds wholesome enough. 

If you’re at work, take a break and test your up/down arrow key smashing skills.  Go on, it’s your duty to defend the stash.

Take a stab at  “Weed Demon” HERE

Last Saturday, the boys and girls of Burger Records presented the first annual “Burgerama” in Santa Ana’s The Observatory, with a line-up that would make any suburban garage weep destructive tears of joy. With the Fi turned down extra Lo and waffle soles pounding mosh-pits and faces alike, Fidlar and OFF! laced up their Vans kicks and joined fellow bands Wavves, Strange Boys, and Ty Segall (to name a few) for one night of impulsive stage diving and crown surfing fun. If it was past your bedtime and you couldn’t make it that night, check out this recap.