Foo Fighters play House of Vans London

Just months after its first opening, the legendary Foo Fighters disguised themselves as “The Holy Shits” and graced the new House of Vans London venue with a earth-shattering performance last night. It was no surprise that the place was absolutely packed and everyone cheered for more. 

Photos: Nathan Gallagher

Blogs to Follow: indiepurr

Not only is IndiePurr chock full of soundcloud posts and great live photosets from FYF and local shows around Los Angeles, but it’s also got a whole tag called “Tips for Bands," a must-read for all you musicians out there! And blogger Jasmine Maurie always manages to sneak in great recommendations for upcoming shows in the LA area if you’re looking for something to do during the week. 

Photos: Jasmine Maurie

Kimd - A New App for Concert Goers 

Consequence of Sound reported on a new app for your phone that can dim the brightness of the display so you don’t have to disturb others during concerts and shows. We’ve been starting to see that even artists are getting annoyed with how many phones are popping up out of the crowd and creating a disturbance for others so the makers of this app want to take a step in the right (and polite) direction. 

Kimd dims the brightness to 10% on your phone and also adds a “black veil with 30% opacity” so you can take photos and record video without causing a scene of your own. It also works like Instagram or Vine with one tap to take the photo and holding down the button to record video. 

Read more about the app and watch the trailer on Consequence of Sound.

FYF Fest: Ty Segall 

Ty Segall and crew “were Manipulator,” playing a full set of songs off Segall’s upcoming album Manipulator for FYF on Saturday. There was no time for talking as the grunge rocker zipped through the tracklist and caused everyone to move, shake, and mosh around “The Trees” stage. There’s been a lot of buzz about the new album since its announcement and he’s been tearing it up on Late Night television already, so it was no surprise that he gave a performance just as strong for FYF saturday night.  

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens 

FYF Fest: Slowdive

After 20 years since their last album release, Slowdive reunited for a special set at FYF this weekend. Their shoegaze sound is timeless and it seemed like a lot of attendees used the performance as a relaxation point in the midst of all the chaos of hot California sun, long runs in between stages, and never-ending food lines. But the band used the soothing tracks to their advantage, leaving everyone feeling more rejuvenated and even a bit nostalgic. 

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens 

FYF Fest: Thundercat

Thundercat brought back the definition of jam band to FYF this weekend. Frontman Stephen Bruner absolutely shredded his 6-string bass to bits during the often 7-minute-plus long songs while his bandmates kept the tempo jazzy and upbeat. It was hard to find a person in the audience not bobbing up and down or secretly wanting to steal the fox pelt on top of Bruner’s head. 

Photos: Nikki Scoggins

When there was downtime between FYF Fest’s many musical acts, there was still fun to be had taking photos in front of the art installations, grabbing a bite to eat or some dessert to munch on, and deciding what merch to buy from all the pop up shops around Exposition Park. 

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens

It takes so much to be in a band that to not fucking get up there and just kill almost ruins the spirit. Like, what fucking right do I have to ask people to pay money to see my show? Not just pay money, but get on the fucking subway, get in the fucking car, like, ruin a whole night of their lives just to see my show. Ask them to pay money to buy my album, T-shirts with my stupid face on it. What right do I have to do all of that, and then not say it’s good enough? More than good enough — to not say it’s special?