Looks like our bartering boys in the campgrounds made it out just fine from their first Coachella experience. They closed out the end of night three by trading one of their last pairs of slip-ons to the paella stand dude, hanging with s man in an LED suit, and working their way into the photo pit to shoot Wu-Tang Clan. Way to go dudes. Catch up on all of Nick & Brian’s photos from the weekend if you missed out. They will see ya next year, Indio… We might let them stay in the house though. -amanda

It was so awesome being able to bargain with people and by the last day we had a bunch of shoes left so we started to find some fun but less essential things. We needed to decorate our tent area and at the Coachella Arts Studio we made a sweet trade for a banner to hang up! We got some more good food, and hit up this homemade slip-n-slide. Then these people didn’t believe us when we said we would trade shoes to get our camping neighbor to do a beer bong. Our rapping neighbor WordSm!th couldn’t hold it all together, it was classic. -brian

Saturday afternoon was pretty succesful for Brian & Nick in the campgrounds at Coachella.  Beers, eats, rides, and some dude that loves unicorns all traded for free Vans. Actually… I’m not sure if the unicorn dude had anything to trade but he just looks awesome. More from the campgrounds here. -amanda

Here’s some more photos from Saturday in the campgrounds as our friends Brian & Nick made their way through the weekend at Coachella bartering pairs of Vans for whatever they needed. Stay tuned for more! -amanda

Checking in with Brian & Nick from the campgrounds again, and it looks like Saturday was a killer day for those two. Looks like they were able to trade shoes for some coffee, and premium viewing spots for Earl Sweatshirt, The Wombats, Violent Femmes, and The XX. Brian said one of his favorite trades was for a fake mustache haha. Check out their shots from Friday here & here-amanda

Yesterday afternoon we had to stop and check out the band The Neighbourhood. This band rocks, confirmed by live performance. Then realizing we have so many Vans to trade we thought we should splurge and get shaved ice, the business was good, TIGERS BLOOD is so tasty. We also realized we needed power to make it the rest of the weekend. Mophie was stoked to make a trade for some phone juice. Then we threw a pair to someone in the crowd, just to spread the love. Killer first day, stoked to see what tomorrow brings -Brian

Brian & Nick are on a mission to live off of a bartering system this weekend at Coachella. They have a tent and plenty of Vans, the rest is up to them:

After a short night’s sleep of a few hours we started our Friday with a brisk scope of the set up and wonderful views of the Coachella Valley. Our first mission was to fuel up and get some breakfast burritos! So bomb! Nick and I didn’t want to waste any time on finding sunscreen being out in the desert all weekend was going to take a toll on our skin. We used two pairs to get two sets of it. No sunburns for us. Nick really wanted this tapestry to hang in our tent area so we set out with that at the top of our list too, and then went after some redbull. -Brian

We stuck our friends Brian Walsh & Nick Cantwell in the campgrounds out here at Coachella for the weekend with a tent and lots of Vans and challenged them with getting through the weekend on that alone. It’s both of their first time at the festival so we asked them to shoot photos all weekend & tell us how it goes. Here’s a note from them below & stay tuned to see what they can come up with…

A long drive couldn’t keep us down as Nick and I rolled into camp with a mission in mind of bartering our way through the first weekend of Coachella 2013 with little more than a tent full of Vans. We got settled in Friday morning and came up with ideas to thoughtfully use our sweet waffle sole currency to our best advantage. -Brian