Bushwick Block Party: Band Preview (Part Deux!)

Rap party commence as MC Todd hits the stage with Bobreezy, Sam Wise, and Grey Sky Appeal.  

Gang Signs' interests include burgers, pizza, and booze. Also, they play heavy metal. Rad photo by Rebecca Reed. 

Hit the streets of Brooklyn with Wild Yaks' messy punk rock. 

Naam presents psychedelia gone heavy, with distorted rock with the occasional bongos thrown in for good measure. 

Das Racist’s HEEMS hits the stage with his hip hop solo project. 

Party legend extraordinaire Andrew WK busts out rock anthems to get even the most bummed of kids partying hard. 

Bushwick Block Party: Band Preview

Start your day with some low-key dance pop from Cookies. Dreamy sound effects are all the rage nowadays. 

Two dudes met in a bar, discussed music, and later created Silicone Sister, founded on the freedoms of drums, guitar, and rock ‘n’ roll. 

IYEZ play a lil’ something they like to call experimental psychedilic punk. 

Your Youth takes the DIY route with their lo-fi alternative tracks. 

Take classic metal vocals and sandwich them between some hardcore instrumentals, and you’ve got Netherlands

Natural Child delivers some straight up rock ‘n’ roll. 

Tournament is delivering another round of Brooklyn punk-hardcore, for all y’all who didn’t get enough from their House Party performance

If you happen to stumble upon Andrew W.K. chowing down on Giant Donuts in a photo booth in Brooklyn, chances are you’ve found this year’s Bushwick Block Party… or maybe just another day in the life of the rock ‘n’ roll party king. 

Music, food, and all the party you can handle. All. Day. Long. Brooklyn does it up right with two stages of music, Your neighborhood block party ain’t got nothin’ on this. 

Find it all at 261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206 on July 28th, with bands planning from noon-midnight. 

We also hosted a contest for a hand drawn tee design for the event, and this kid nailed it with his pizza-fied zombie entry. We’re giving out these bad boys at this year’s Bushwick Block Party. Schwaaaag! If you get your hands on one of these shirts, find Dennis Chow and give him a high-five and some pizza.