Lamb of God’s “Hourglass”

You do know what Hourglass is, correct? Lamb of God’s anthologies? Out on June 1st? Well now the time has come to get your pre-orders in for one of, and I kid you not, 7 different package offers with prices ranging from $10.99 to $999.99.


You read correctly- $1000. I’ll let drummer Chris Alder explain the crazy amount of stuff that get’s you:

I understand that if you are the biggest Lamb of God fan maaaay not be able to splurge on the Super Deluxe Edition, so take a look at all the packages the band has to offer:

Hourglass: Vol 1 - The Underground Years
13 of the most choice Lamb of God songs from their early years. Culled from their first album Burn The Priest , their debut as Lamb of God , New American Gospel , and the album that put them on the map, As The Palaces Burn .

Hourglass: Vol 2 - The Epic Years
13 of the most choice Lamb of God songs from their career on Epic Records to this point. Both Grammy nominated songs “Redneck” and “Set To Fail” are surrounded by fan favorite anthems and crushing riffs from Ashes Of The Wake to Sacrament to 2009’s #2 debut Wrath .

Hourglass: The 3 CD Anthology
The ultimate Lamb of God retrospective. 44 tracks on 3 CDs. Vol 1 and 2 join Vol 3 containing 18 rare or never heard before songs. Included are Japanese issued bonus tracks, multiple rehearsal demos, along side the 8 songs recorded prior to Burn The Priest .

Hourglass: The Vinyl Box Set
All 6 Lamb of God Studio albums for the first time on 180 Gram vinyl in a Linen-wrapped collectors box. Includes Burn The Priest , New American Gospel , As The Palaces Burn , Ashes of the Wake , Sacrament , and Wrath .

Hourglass: The USB Box Set
All 6 Lamb of God studio albums on individual USB drives in a cigarette box shaped collectors package. Includes Burn The Priest , New American Gospel , As The Palaces Burn , Ashes of the Wake , Sacrament , and Wrath .

Hourglass: The Deluxe Set
The collectors set including The 3 CD Anthology, The Vinyl Box set, The USB Box Set, and a Linen bound 144 page book of the art of Lamb of God as created by K3n Adams including designs for tour passes, albums, t-shirts, and his commentary on them.

Hourglass: The Super Deluxe Set
The limited edition definitive collectors set including The 3 CD Anthology, The Vinyl Box Set, The USB set, the Book, a Mark Morton Signature Series Jackson Dominion D2, A 4’x6’ Pure American metal Flag, an Hourglass sticker, and a signed 8x10 in a personalized Lamb of God Coffin Case.

Hatebreed, Lamb of God and Shadows Fall


Shadows Fall, Lamb of God and Hatebreed have all been busy the past few months…

Shadows Fall has had a merch design contest at the end of last year, already planned a tour for this spring, and, most recently, just released their track “Still I Rise” available for download on Guitar Hero. Careful…it’s blatantly been added to give you a thrash challenge!

Lamb of God I’m sure is sitting tight while waiting for the Grammy’s next week after their nomination for Best Metal performance. 2009 brought for them not only the Grammy nod, but also a lengthy fall tour and a platinum selling DVD, too. Needless to say, 2010 will undoubtedly be good to the guys.

As for Hatebreed, we are wishing them the best at the moment. Frontman Jamey Jasta has been ill and the band unfortunately had to drop a few shows for the Black Procession tour. They’ll jump back on January 29th and let’s hope Jasta’s back in full force- especially since they have a full spring head of them!

The relation? They’ll all be hitting the road together later this year on the Mayhem Festival. These bands are all going to give you an awesome performance, and if you aren’t already listening to any and all of them, what are you doing with your life!?

The Grammy’s Nod to Metal


The Grammys hit 52 this year. With the recent release of nominations, we always perk up our ears for the metal and rock categories. Am I right or am I right? This year we have some of our favorite bands in the mix of all the hype.

Best Metal Performance:

Judas Priest – “Dissident Aggressor” (track from: “A Touch Of Evil Live“)
Lamb Of God – “Set To Fail” (track from: “Wrath“)
Megadeth – “Head Crusher” (track from: “Endgame“)
Ministry – “Senor Peligro” (track from: “Adios…“)
Slayer – “Hate Worldwide” (track from: “World Painted Blood“)

Best Hard Rock Performance:

AC/DC – “War Machine” (track from: “Black Ice“)
Alice In Chains – “Check My Brain” (track from: “Black Gives Way To Blue“)
Linkin Park – “What I’ve Done” (track from: “Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keyes“)
Metallica – “The Unforgiven IIII” (track from: “Death Magnetic“)
Nickelback – “Burn It To The Ground” (track from: “Dark Horse“)

Best Rock Album:

AC/DC– “Black Ice”
Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood– “Live From Madison Square Garden”
Green Day– “21st Century Breakdown”
Dave Matthews Band– “Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King”
U2– “No Lines on the Horizon”

We wish you guys the best of luck! To see who’s nominated for other categories, the full list is available online. Personally I’m not too blown away by our rock album nominees this year.

Anyone else confused how Dave Matthews falls in the same category as AC/DC and Green Day?

And Nickleback under hard rock? Surely you jest…

The official show revealing the winners will be “GRAMMY Sunday,” Jan. 31. It will air on CBS from 8–11:30 p.m. (ET/PT).