New releases from Brent Hinds


Today marks the double release of Mastodon’s Brent Hind’s latest projects- Friend Without A Face and West End Motel. He has opened a special store where you can purchase 1 CD or MP3 CD featuring songs from both bands. 

A limited edition, exclusive t-shirt has also been released in conjunction with the CD. All purchases also come with 2 free bonus tracks (one from each band). That’s 22 songs for $10. Solid.

Vans Warped Tour Vans

This year, we are proud to introduce a run of 2010 Vans Warped Tour Vans! These shoes will be highly limited with a few pairs available at each tour stop. Once they are gone at the show, they are gone. Want them? You better get there early! You won’t be able to get them anywhere else- not online and not in stores.

Bouncing Souls and the last 7”

The Bouncing Souls have announced they will release a fourth and final 7” EP in celebration of their 20th anniversary. If you’ve been keeping up on the Soul’s, this is the last piece to the puzzle if you will. Putting all 4 albums together creates a larger Souls logo. They have been released every 3 months throughout the year and now you can complete your collection!


The record includes songs “Like the Sun,” “Big Eyes,” “When You’re Young / Never Say Die” and “Ghosts On The Boardwalk (acoustic)” and is available starting December 15th.

All 3 vinyls are still available with the most recent up for pre-sale. This will make a nice collectible for any Souls fan and for $5 a pop, you can’t beat it. They are also limited to under 2,800 pieces each.