Penny Bird Rabbit: Music Gone DIY
Penny Bird Rabbit is a beautiful, young and talented singer on the rise, who has gone DIY on her career. With a vibrant imagination and eccentric humor, Penny has conceptualized, managed, produced and directed her own colorful music videos all on a next-to-nothing budget. She’s proven that creativity is the greatest wealth you can have.
Get to know more about Penny Bird Rabbit and her creative process by watching her full #LivingOffTheWall episode at
Documentarian: Han Su Kim

Music Video of the Week: Hypnotized - OFF!

You’ll find trashy superheroes battling it out on Hollywood Blvd. all while OFF! themselves rock their hearts out for the onlookers and tourists in their new music video for “Hypnotized” of their just-released album Wasted Years.

And remember to tweet @vans_66 and @offofficial with #VansOffTix to enter to win tickets for their US tour from now through May 26th!

Groovy. There’s some crazy psychedelic Sahara Desert thing going on in this Bad Brains video for “Ragga Dub,” featuring Angelo Moore of Fishbone. The collab was filmed at the House of Vans in Brooklyn amidst some rad pro skaters. And if that combo of awesomeness just isn’t enough for you, there’s also a camel thrown in to set the mood.

The track is available exclusively on Dub Rockers Volume 1, now available on iTunes.

Oberhofer will be joining The Walkmen at Classic & Boston on October 11th. Fall vibes & good music. You’re so there.

I heard the guys are recording a new album right now so I bet we’ll get some brand new tunes, Boston. Plus there is Ice cream and bubbles happening all over this video.

Our dude Tim Harrington has been hanging out at the Vans House Parties all summer, taking other musicians out to eat donuts, check out record stores, and ride horses, but this time around he’s hitting the stage with the rest of Les Savy Fav.

Their track “Let’s Get Out Of Here” is the best soundtrack for pretty much anything late night – driving, skateboarding, loading up on greasy diner food. Can’t think of a better band to close out the 2013 Vans House Parties with.

Japandroids will get things going at the Vans showcase on opening night of House of Vans at the Mohawk during SXSW Music this week. The last time we caught this band was actually here in Austin as well. Check out their music video for ‘The House That Heaven Built’ below and check back all week for more photos, videos, and a live webcast from House of Vans. 

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