Groovy. There’s some crazy psychedelic Sahara Desert thing going on in this Bad Brains video for “Ragga Dub,” featuring Angelo Moore of Fishbone. The collab was filmed at the House of Vans in Brooklyn amidst some rad pro skaters. And if that combo of awesomeness just isn’t enough for you, there’s also a camel thrown in to set the mood.

The track is available exclusively on Dub Rockers Volume 1, now available on iTunes.

Tim Harrington and the rest of the dudes in Les Savy Fav share their standard pre-show rituals before their set at the House of Vans last month. Y’know, normal stuff like getting pedicures and celebrity gossip. It’s all about relaxation and awesome feet.

That’s all for this summer’s Vans House Parties, but you can relive all the highlights at

Our number-one boo bear Tim Harrington (Tim Bearington?) of Les Savy Fav painted pots with the dudes from Kid Dynamite when they came to Brooklyn for the latest edition of the Vans House Party.

Fun was had, hugs were exchanged, and everyone learned valuable lessons about the true meaning of friendship, and more importantly, the true meaning of punkship. Which is a thing, just trust us on this.

Special guest alert! Small Black will be hitting the House of Vans stage alongside Les Savy Fav and Delorean for our last Vans House Parties of the summer. We’re a little in love with their video “No Stranger.” It’s got that sort of inspiring, life discovery, independent film kinda feel to it. Also, the music is good. Really good. 

Don’t forget to catch the webcast of the event on! It’s going down on August 29th at 7:30pm EST.

There’s no denying Kid Dynamite’s presence in the hardcore punk scene in the late 90s before they disbanded in 2000. They’ve done a few runs of reunion shows over the years, but their upcoming set at the House of Vans is looking to be their final US show.

Sad to say goodbye, but stoked to have them hit the stage at this summer’s Vans House PartiesTake a listen to “Pacifier” off their first release and help these dudes go out with a bang.

Red Hare grew out of the ashes of DC hardcore band Swiz, and they’re serving as a pretty killer reminder of what good ol’ hardcore is all about. It’s got this mayhem/throwing your body around a sweaty room kind of feel. Get yourself all riled up for their Vans House Parties set with a listen to the track “Horace.”