SXSW Vans Gifting Suite

Every year at SXSW, we set up a gifting suite for bands part of the free Alternative Press party. This year we had a ton of different bands and friends stop by: Enter Shikari, VersaEmerge, The Ready Set, Riverboat Gamblers, Oceans Over Airplanes, DRUGS, Kitten, The Downtown Fiction, Oceano, Oliver Peck, Paint It Black, Kvelertak, Datarock, Andy Williams, The Limousines, Steven Smith, Missile, Valient Thorr, River City Extension and I See Stars. That’s alotta shoes:

Free Bad Religion Tribute Album


All great bands will have a tribute album. All the others just probably aren’t as good at this one.

In honor of Bad Religion’s 30th year, Germs of Perfection: A Tribute to Bad Religion has been complied for your enjoyment. I remember the list of artists who were in the mix for this project when it was coming together this past summer and I can say that I’m very impressed by the final cut.

Did I mention that this is a totally free album? Download it now! Right now! For you skeptics, this is a tested, trusted download link so lap it up.

Check out the tracklist below:

01. Switchfoot – Sorrow
02. Guttermouth – Pity
03. Cheap Girls – Kerosene
04. The Weakerthans – Sanity
05. William Elliott Whitmore – Don’t Pray on Me
06. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – Against the Grain
07. Riverboat Gamblers – Heaven Is Falling
08. New Politics – Generator
09. Cobra Skulls ft. Fat Mike – Give You Nothing
10. Frank Turner – My Poor Friend Me
11. Polar Bear Club – Better Off Dead
12. Tegan and Sara – Suffer

Get some!

Gifting at SXSW

Check out who we caught up with when we did our massive gifting at SXSW:

Ninjasonik, Tumbledown, Hey Monday, The Cab, Zlam Dunk, Riverboat Gamblers, Rise Against, The Death Set, Shawn Fisher, Hill Valley, Conditions, Title Fight, Every Avenue and of course, Oliver Peck.

Night 3 at SXSW: Scoping the bands

On our third night in Austin, we didn’t have a showcase or anything sponsorship related, so Kurt and I took off to check out some bands we had heard of and catch a few of our buddies play. We wound up at 4 or 5 different venues throughout the night and ran into the same crazy, wonderful people that I’ve met since I’ve been here. We had a good time despite the fact very few things went according to plan.

Early in the day, we took a peak at Fair to Midland, a band on Serjical Strike. You want to talk about some pipes and range, I tell ya. And this guy is really strong live. He’s got an interesting tone to it as well. They are metal-sih, progressive-ish, rock-ish and just a little screaming mixed all together.


First up for the night though was Off!. Ok. I didn’t realize why we were going to see them at first because I had never heard of them. Turns out, it’s Keith Morris’s new project. Keith Morris…of Black Flag and The Circle Jerks. Can anyone say legend? And! It has members from Rocket To The Crypt, Burning Bridges and Earthless. To top it off, this was also one of their first shows they played together in the new band. In true punk-rock fashion, the set was 15 minutes long and the crowd was full of people who just knew what was up. What a way to start the night.


We rolled out to catch a band that for whatever reason is no more, so there wasn’t a set. We took off to see our friends Ninjasonik, but their showcase was running really behind as well! However, we stayed to check out a little bit of a hip hop duo called Hollywood Holt. Full of energy and check it out! Vans represent!


I think the highlight of my night was getting to watch Man Man later at the Billboard Bungalow. I haven’t seen these guys since 2006 at MacROCK that went out at my college. I like, don’t even know how to describe these guys other than phenomenal. Really- how many other bands do you know that put on war pant before their set? Simply amazing.


A little later we headed off to Red 7 to check out 2 bands: Off With Their Heads and Riverboat Gamblers. Off With Their Heads recently signed to Epitaph in December of last year. Those guys are going to be in good hands over there and after watching them, are going to find their way to your ears- I have no doubt. Such an old school punk feel. As for Riverboat Gamblers, this was my first time really seeing them play. And they are my new favorite band. I am SO glad they are on Warped this summer. It makes me happy that bands like these remind me that punk rock isn’t dead.


Night 1 at SXSW

Last night was our first night in Austin for SXSW. Keeping in mind that I’ve never been before, I’m sticking close to everyone from Vans- espeically Kurt since we’re the music duo. Team Soto-Mink ftw!

We pick up all of our badges and caught up with our friends from Epitaph which is always a good time. Since the music section of SX didn’t start until the following day, I was surprised that we were already to some shows!

Our first was Motorhead. How’s that for an opening night? The place was packed and the show kicked ass. Of course.

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Afterward, Kurt and I spent the rest of the night at Red 7. Our friends True Widow were on the stage when we got there. Mike Herrera’s newest project Tumbledown played not too long after. Holy. Crap. So good! Oliver Peck even jumped on stage to sing a little.

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But after Tumbledown was when it got really crazy. Mike Herrera of MXPX, Zach Blair of Rise Against, Luke Abbey from Gorilla Biscuits, members from Riverboat Gamblers and Scott Renyolds of All banded together to play an entire Descendants cover set. Yes, you read that correctly. The crowd was gnarly! I got thrashed around a bit while taking some footage for you guys, but it’s all in the name of reporting, music and freaking punk rock. Enjoy!

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