Kimd - A New App for Concert Goers 

Consequence of Sound reported on a new app for your phone that can dim the brightness of the display so you don’t have to disturb others during concerts and shows. We’ve been starting to see that even artists are getting annoyed with how many phones are popping up out of the crowd and creating a disturbance for others so the makers of this app want to take a step in the right (and polite) direction. 

Kimd dims the brightness to 10% on your phone and also adds a “black veil with 30% opacity” so you can take photos and record video without causing a scene of your own. It also works like Instagram or Vine with one tap to take the photo and holding down the button to record video. 

Read more about the app and watch the trailer on Consequence of Sound.

FYF Fest: The Strokes

One of the most anticipated performances of FYF since their name was announced on the lineup was The Strokes. Only recently have they started playing shows again ending a three-year tour break and after being fashionably late, they started pumping out the tunes. The 17-song-set had something for every fan, with hits spanning across all five albums and stage presence reminiscent of their past performances with leather jackets and messy hair. While most seasoned artists grow tired of playing their hits, The Strokes fed into the fans’ requests for the classics and didn’t disappoint. 

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens

FYF Fest: Haim

The only female-fronted band to take on (and ultimately shred) the FYF Main Stage was Haim, finally finishing up their tour circuit for their debut album Days Are Gone with this performance. While many in the crowd were trying to squeeze in and get a spot for The Strokes performance right after, it’s safe to say they were visibly impressed and enjoying the unique and fearless sisters taking time out for drum solos, jam sessions, and asking everyone in the crowd to “shake their asses and grind” to their new single “My Song 5.” As always, they did their hometown proud and definitely gained new fans in the process. 

Photos: Nikki Scoggins & Amanda Rae Stephens

FYF Fest: Benjamin Booker

We had quite a few Vans House Party Alums at FYF this year and one we were particularly proud of was Benjamin Booker. Shading the early afternoon sun with a pair of Ray Bans, he introduced the crowd to his just-released, self-titled debut album that’s already getting buzz from NPR and Rolling Stone. Booker’s music is the raw, edgy rock we’ve been yearning for which also ends up being oh-so easy to shimmy to. You couldn’t stop toe-tapping or head-bobbing the whole time he was on stage. 

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens

FYF Fest: Earl Sweatshirt

Leave it to Earl Sweatshirt to pull a fast one on us and start off his FYF set on Sunday with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” inciting giggles and cheers from the audience. Although the young rap star just announced his break from non-stop touring since the release of his album Doris, he gave his all for his last performance at FYF and managed to put some smiles on the crowd after the day drama of long lines and way-too-hot temperatures. 

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens