Tim Harrington and the rest of the dudes in Les Savy Fav share their standard pre-show rituals before their set at the House of Vans last month. Y’know, normal stuff like getting pedicures and celebrity gossip. It’s all about relaxation and awesome feet.

That’s all for this summer’s Vans House Parties, but you can relive all the highlights at vans.com/houseparties.

Our number-one boo bear Tim Harrington (Tim Bearington?) of Les Savy Fav painted pots with the dudes from Kid Dynamite when they came to Brooklyn for the latest edition of the Vans House Party.

Fun was had, hugs were exchanged, and everyone learned valuable lessons about the true meaning of friendship, and more importantly, the true meaning of punkship. Which is a thing, just trust us on this.

Special guest alert! Small Black will be hitting the House of Vans stage alongside Les Savy Fav and Delorean for our last Vans House Parties of the summer. We’re a little in love with their video “No Stranger.” It’s got that sort of inspiring, life discovery, independent film kinda feel to it. Also, the music is good. Really good. 

Don’t forget to catch the webcast of the event on vans.com/houseparties! It’s going down on August 29th at 7:30pm EST.

Our dude Tim Harrington has been hanging out at the Vans House Parties all summer, taking other musicians out to eat donuts, check out record stores, and ride horses, but this time around he’s hitting the stage with the rest of Les Savy Fav.

Their track “Let’s Get Out Of Here” is the best soundtrack for pretty much anything late night – driving, skateboarding, loading up on greasy diner food. Can’t think of a better band to close out the 2013 Vans House Parties with.

It was our second to last Vans House Party of the summer last night in Brooklyn, NY but the crowd isn’t slowing down yet. They were giving it their all for Kid Dynamite, Joyce Manor, and more. See the rest of the photos on our Facebook & check out the lineup for the last one on August 29th

Photos: Laura June Kirsch

Early people get the… party? These guys know that the key to getting in for the free music, free beer, and short food truck lines at House of Vans is getting there early. The line was stretched around several blocks when we opened the doors for last night’s House Party but this crew was certainly the first through the gates. 

Photos: Laura June Kirsch